7 Essential Mods for a 4Runner


Are you ready to make some changes to your Toyota 4Runner but don’t quite know where to start? You’re in luck because Expedition Vehicle Outfitters modifies a lot of 4Runners and today we will pull back the curtains to give you an idea how to get started. Let’s get started! 

Rock Slider Steps

4runner rock sliders

Steps to get into your vehicle are great but you know what’s even better? Steps that protect your vehicle, that’s where rock sliders come in. Rock Slide Steps are built to protect your 4Runner from wheel to wheel from being damaged from rocks, stumps, or when the vehicle is hung up off road on hills and berms. Nothing is worse than seeing the side of a very nice 4Runner get can openered (its a word) by a stump. 

Good Rock Slide Steps will be made of steel or aluminum that affixes to the 4Runner frame in multiple locations. The Rock Slider should be able to hold the weight of the 4Runner without issue. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters carries multiple brands and styles of Rock Sliders. Reach out to us at https://expeditionvehicleoutfitters.com/pages/contact and we will consult with you about what options meet your budget and expectations.

Switch System

Switch controller 4runner

A switch system for a 4Runner is a great place to start when we are making modifications. The reason being that this modification makes future modifications, lights, air compressors, etc. easier to install and quicker to install saving budget in the long run. It is a good idea to have the initial installation of a switch system installed professionally because it can be a bit labor intensive. 

Once the switch system is installed you can add lights, air compressor, etc. and all that needs to be done is wire in 2 wires under the 4Runner hood vs. routing wires from outside the vehicle to under the dash every time anything is added. This saves on wiring budget, creates a much safer and much cleaner finished product. Most switch systems will have 6-8 switches, many can even be controlled by your phone from outside the 4Runner.

Expedition carries the top switch systems and can get your 4Runner’s electrical system started off on the right foot. 

Suspension Modification 

4runner suspension

The most rewarding modification is always a suspension mod in our opinion. This is what we do to fit a bigger tire and give 4Runner a much better ride and performance off road. This can also be one of the most overwhelming mods because there are so many options. Just like baking a cake you need the right recipe, if you put the right pieces together in the right adjustments we will have great results. Always remember when we modify one component we usually must modify 2-3 others to bring everything into alignment specifications, we don’t want premature tire wear or improper performance. The most common problem we see is improper suspension adjustments or incomplete systems installed.

A lot of the suspension mods will come down to how we plan to use the 4Runner (activities) and how much weight will be on the 4Runner. Choosing the best suspension mods for your needs always comes down to a lot of questions, style of off reading, tire size, performance goals, maintenance, etc. 

This is a time when we do a consultation, ask a lot of questions, then curate the system that will meet your needs best for the long run. Expedition prides ourself in listening to your needs and expectations then curating the perfect recipe. 

Ditch Lights

4runner ditch lights

 Hood mounted amber ditch lights make for a great mod. The light options that Expedition chooses are adjustable allowing us to really dial in the light paths on the front of the 4Runner. Because of the mounting location on a 4Runner the lights do not cause a line of site impairment. When adjusting the ditch lights there are a couple things to take into consideration. Adjusting the lights too low and you will experience a glare off of the hood, too high and the light won’t be in a useable location. Through adjustment the lights are able to accent the headlights quite well in most cases overpowering them.

Why Amber? The reason we love amber as a ditch light is because the way it “cuts” through precipitation and dust in the air creating a much nicer field of view in poor conditions. But does it really cut through that debris? No. The reason amber works better than white light in those conditions is because white light reflects much stronger off of the debris in the air where as amber does not as strongly. By not reflecting so heavily off of the debris your eyes will not pick up all that reflective feedback and your field of view will be much better.

Roof Rack

4runner roof rack 

The factory load bars on the 4Runner leave a bit to be desired when it is time to haul multiple items or heavy goods. That is where a quality roof rack shines. A good roof rack will spread the weight much more evenly across the top of the 4Runner. Many racks have options for front and side facing lights which work great off road.

Most roof racks have brackets and modular items that can be attached for hauling roof top tents, awnings, fuel pax, propane tanks, and much more. The roof rack can be easily accessed by standing on your rock sliders or we can add a rear hatch ladder. A rear hatch ladder makes for quick and easy access of items on top of the rack.

A rack can be a bit daunting to install because of its size and awkward shape in most cases. Expedition carries multiple styles and sizes of racks to suite your needs best.

Interior Panels

 4runner mole panel

A great way to clean up the interior of your 4Runner and organize your must have items are interior panels. It is great to have a first aid kit and go to supplies in easy to access locations throughout the 4Runner. Your imagination becomes your only limitation. 

Bumpers & Skid Plates

Bumper 4 runner

Bumpers and Skid Plates may not be essential for your daily commute, but you never regret having that extra protection when you get into a fender bender. A good bumper will house a winch and protect the front of the 4Runner mainly the radiator. The next beneficial part to a bumper is the additions of easily accessed recovery points. Without a bumper it is much harder to access the recovery points on the front of a 4Runner because in most cases they are buried in dirt, snow or mud. 

Skid Plates are always a plus for a 4Runner that sees quite a bit of trail. Protecting the vehicle underbody is very critical but remember that this can come with a cost of added weight when using steal skid plates. Expedition can help you decide if you are ready for skid plates and which will benefit your 4Runner most. 



This can be a place where mud, moisture, sand, debris and all kinds of bad things find a new home so remember to regularly clean out the areas above your skid plates.

What are your 7 Essential Mods for a 4Runner?