Ford Bronco Cab Mount Chop Service

Ford Bronco Body Mount Chop Service

When it is time to upgrade the tire size on your Ford Bronco, depending on the package and tire size you may notice that the larger tires rub the body mounts. This is usually in cases of 37” tires and above on certain packages. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters in Michigan offers Body Mount Chop Service for the Ford Bronco. During the service Expedition Vehicle Outfitters provides the maximum amount of clearance for full suspension travel and turning with no rubbing. Ford bronco body mount chop service

During the Body Mount Chop Service Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will cut, grind, weld and paint the Ford Bronco’s body mount for maximum tire clearance providing your Ford Bronco to maximum turning and suspension articulation use. Once finished Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will provide a like factory look and finish. 

If your Ford Bronco is experiencing tire rub after upgrading tire size, maybe a Body Mount Chop Service from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is right for you.