Differential Upgrade Service

Differential Upgrade Service

The Team at Expedition Vehicle Outfitters in Michigan is very experienced in Differential Upgrade Services in all types of vehicles. From installing lower gear ratio ring gear & pinions into your current vehicle’s axles to installing selectable locking differentials, Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will build the plan for you. 

Differential Upgrade Service in Michigan

Installing oversized tires on your off road and overland vehicle can require a lower gear in order for your vehicle to shift properly and hold overdrive on the highway. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters upgrading your vehicles differentials will result in a mechanical advantage allowing your vehicle to take off quicker, crawl off road with more control, and hold overdrive on the highway. Additionally Expedition Vehicle Outfitters can add posi traction devices, selectable lockers and other forms of traction aids which greatly increase traction thus increasing your vehicles off road capabilities.

Differential upgrade service

Along with Differential Upgrade Service Expedition Vehicle Outfitters can provide upgraded heavy duty axle shafts to increase strength and reliability of your vehicle. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will take your vehicles strength and reliability to the next level.