CAR SURVIVAL KIT, what to keep in your car.

CAR SURVIVAL KIT, what do you keep in your car?

CAR SURVIVAL KIT, doesn’t that sounds really tactical and scary, like we are preparing for the apocalypse or something?....

Let’s think of a car survival kit as a list of things to keep in your vehicle in case an emergency happens, even small cuts can be an emergency in the back country. Just a few items can take up very little space and have you prepared for all kinds of different events. Anything you would add, just throw up a comment.

Medical / First Aid

Car survival kit

From bumps and bruises to cuts and headaches. Minor medical issues can become a huge emergency when you are 2-3hrs from medical help. Online there are plenty of options for Med. Kits but some great things to look for are IFAK and IPOK trauma kits for individuals and a large medical kit for your group. Don’t forget band aids and sickness medicines, nothing is worse than days long headaches in the wilderness. Take a class and learn some medical skills, you won’t regret it.


Not being a huge advocate for carrying pounds and pounds of tools its always a suggestion to carry tools that can serve multiple purposes. Main priority should be the tools to change a spare tire but carry a bit of an array to get you or another vehicle out of a pinch. ***Don’t forget electrical tools and connectors*** Spare butt connectors, fuses, wire etc. can be a game changer. Don’t forget the jumper cables.

Car survival kits 


Don’t forget your gloves, jacket, etc. Even just tossing a disposable rain poncho in the glovebox can make a big impact.

Bug Sprays & Aloe

This partially falls under the medical kit side of the house but changing a tire during a mosquito attack kinda sucks. Let’s not do that.


What do you carry in your car survival kit?