Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re probably curious what Expedition Vehicle Outfitters all does, neat name but what does it entail? We wanted to spend some time to go over some common questions we are approached with weekly. 

Toyota off road michigan

Do you only work on Toyotas?

The simple answer is no. Let’s dive in a little further, our shop specializes in Toyotas and Jeeps but our licensed and certified technicians are experienced in all makes and models. Where we work hard to stand out is our effort to listen to your exact needs then transform your vehicle into exactly what you need for your adventures whatever that looks like. Our experience also comes from our passion for the outdoors, we participate in many of the same activities of our clients.

Our parent shop has been in business for over 25 years which has afforded us a large amount of experience repairing and building up many different vehicle platforms. We have received national and worldwide recognition from some of our projects which we take great pride in. Your project will be treated with the same amount of care and meticulous methods which would be applied to any internationally featured build. 

At the end of the day our passion is adventure and exploration, we will create a vehicle that you will make memories in for years to come.

Jeep gear swap

Do you Perform Gear Swaps & Axle Upgrades

Yes! Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has multiple Certified Technicians on staff with years of experience performing gear ratio swaps and axle upgrades in Jeep, Ford Bronco, and  Toyota Drivetrains. Gear and Axle Work can be complex, Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has experience choosing the proper gear ratio for your vehicle needs and performance goals. Larger off road tires on your rig means it is time to strengthen the vehicles axles and install the proper gear ratio for optimum performance and fuel mileage. 

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has years of experience installing limited slip posi traction’s, lockers and selectable lockers into axle housings. Do you need more traction off road? We have solutions and will provide a consultation to discuss what will meet your needs and expectations the best.

Expedition overland suspension system

Do you Install Lift Kits in Michigan

Yes! We have been installing lift kits in Toyota Tacomas, Toyota 4Runners, Jeep Wranglers, Jeep Gladiators, and all other makes and models in Michigan and surrounding states for years. We take a different approach to suspension modification though. We want to install a quality aftermarket suspension that will make your vehicle perform better not just aesthetically look better. 

When we install a quality aftermarket suspension we expect the vehicle to gain useable suspension travel, carry more weight, perform better on and off road. Looking more aggressive and rugged is just a byproduct but it is not our 100% focus as we have seen many of trucks put together that look good but do not perform well. We have never put together a truck that performed great that didn’t look great as well. 

In most cases if you have a previously installed suspension on your vehicle that you feel could be lacking, Expedition Vehicle Outfitters can revamp the system to create better results. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will finalize all lift kit system installations with a proper alignment. We have experience with performing wheel alignments on off road suspensions and understand the special needs and equipment associated.

Michigan overland lighting

Do you install LED Lights and Electrical Systems?

Yes! Expedition Vehicle Outfitters prides ourselves in being Michigan’s Overland vehicle builder specialists, which includes installing LED off road lights and building complex electrical systems. It is one thing to install a LED light but Expedition Vehicle Outfitters dives further in to design a system that works perfectly for your needs. Whether you need better visibility when driving down the trail or more light around the campsite. 

We work directly with quality LED off road lighting companies like KC Hilites, Baja Design, and Rigid Industries to find you the perfect light for your rig. We use these quality LED lights to create a scaleable electrical system that will work throughout the life of the rig. From the start we want to build a system that can be added to down the road. 

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters also has experience building off the grid electrical solutions for overland vehicles. We build dual battery systems and vehicle solar systems to provide stand alone electrical power in even the most remote areas. 

Roof top tent michigan

Do you sell and install Roof Top Tents, Racks, and Overland Accessories?

Absolutely! We sell and install Roof Top Tents, Roof Racks, Bumpers, Overland Storage Solutions and much more at our shop in Michigan. We have demo roof top tents in stock to test out before your purchase and once you’ve made your decision every roof top tent bought through us receives a free installation service. During installation we adjust and secure your tent.

A quality Roof Rack is very beneficial when it comes time to carry or store your adventure gear. We sell and install Made in the USA Roof Racks for many vehicles including 4Runner, Tacoma, Lexus GX460, Lexus GX470, Subaru Outback, Subaru Forester, Jeep Wrangler, Jeep Gladiator, and many more just ask.

Whether you need a couple Overland Gear items to finish off your build or you are just getting started Expedition is here to equip your vehicle so you can adventure confidently.