Great Electrical Switch Upgrades for Overland Vehicles

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is known for transforming your rig into a much more capable Overlanding Platform, one of those upgrades we perform that can not be overlooked are Electrical Upgrades. Most vehicles electrical systems are adequate for daily transportation yet once we start taxing the systems harder through increased electrical draws and components we start to find the short coming.


One of the first things we add to most vehicles is some form of quality off road lighting, we need to control these lights. Many lights and accessories will come with a switch, relay and wiring. In solidarity these wiring systems can work great but the issue lies in when we start adding multiple lights, pumps, components, etc. This can very easily lead itself into becoming a huge rats nest of random wires under the hood and more dangerously through the vehicles firewall into the passenger compartment to the multiple switches. THE SOLUTION is an aftermarket switch system for your vehicle. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is a dealer and installer for most top brands including Trigger Control System, Switch Pros, Spod and many more. Even some of these systems have apps that can be controlled by your phone.

Michigan overland electrical

Adding a quality switch system will give your vehicles interior easily accessible switches to turn on and off electrical components. When Expediton Vehicle Outfitters installs a switch system into your vehicle we handle the most difficult part of any wiring system, cleanly routing wires through the vehicles firewall from the engine bay. Once this system is installed if the owner chooses to add additional components they only need to be wired into the weather tight relay box under the vehicles hood saving time and money in the long run. 

Michigan overland electrical

These switch systems can be configured in multiple different ways to meet your specific needs. We also custom fit these systems into all kinds of vehicles and platforms including trailers and campers. Your consultant at Expedition will answer your questions and help choose the best system for your long term needs.

OEM Solutions

Many OEM Vehicles like the Ford Raptor, Jeep Rubicon, Ram PowerWagon and more are now offering secondary switch systems. In some cases we can add an OEM switch system to your vehicle if available. We always suggest opting for a secondary switch system when ordering a new vehicle. In many cases we have added an aftermarket switch system additional to the OEM switches for ultimate control.

Electrical system upgrade overland

Great First Upgrade

A Switch System is a great choice as a first upgrade to any vehicle, the reason is because the system will allow you to stay ahead of an electrical wire mess before it starts. It isn’t fun to melt wires or deal with electrical issues, a switch system can greatly simplify your vehicles electrical system.

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