How to Snowshoe in Michigan

How to Snowshoe in Michigan

Do you want to get outside and find your own special spot amongst the beautiful trees or next to a babbling brook?

The long winter in the mitten state can be a brutal foe, both physically and mentally. One way to fight the fatigue of cabin fever is to get outside for some exploring and exercise. Snowshoeing can be a great option, much easier to learn than skiing and you can do it most anywhere there is snow. Snow shoeing can be fun for the whole family. Here are some great pointers!

Snowshoeing in Michigan

Drive a Well Equipped Vehicle

Now we aren’t saying you can’t go snowshoeing without a well equipped rig (you can) but it will definitely be a more enjoyable experience with one. Many of the most desirable snowshoeing areas in Michigan are remote and only be accessible with 4 wheel drive vehicles. Please keep in mind that if for some reason your ill equipped vehicle became stuck in one of these locations you will face some very strong challenges, limited phone reception, expensive towing bill, adverse weather etc. 

Expedition will equip your vehicle to get you to your own special place and back home safely. Having a vehicle that is capable of accessing places that others can’t will guarantee the ability to see what others won’t. 


Snowshoeing in michigan 

Take the Family!

Just like overland camping in Michigan, snowshoeing can be a family affair. Load up the Adventure Rig (if you don’t have one Expedition can build yours up) with your snowshoes, warm clothes, a thermos of coffee, and maybe even some food to cook at the trailhead. Don’t forget kids love snacks!

snowshoeing in michigan

Finding Places to Snowshoe

Michigan is packed with State Parks, National Forests and many River Trails. Keep in mind many State Parks and State Forest campground roads are not maintained during the winter months. These areas can make for great snowshoeing locations as they often have nature trails, picnic tables and bathrooms accessible. Always check local laws and regulations before entering a park or forest. It is important to be clean up your own trash and leave these areas as you found them especially in the winter months as they are not being maintained. 

Many simple trails at local State Parks come to life with beautiful views during the winter months. See frozen waterfalls, ice caves, wildlife, and much more.

Snowshoeing in michigan

 Equipment for Snowshoeing

Most snowshoes can be purchased quite reasonably. Just like shoes or skies there will be many styles and sizes. Your local sporting good store should have a small assortment. We would recommend using a set of poles as well just to make the experience a little more comfortable if things get off camber or icy.

Bring along extra water to stay hydrated and snacks to stay fueled up. Just like hiking it is suggested to dress in layers but remember to keep the little ones bundled up.

Take a camera and make some memories!

Worried your vehicle isn’t up to the challenge to reach somewhere interesting and get you back home? Give us a call at Expedition, we will start with a consultation and end with a plan.


Explore with Confidence.