How to Work from the National Parks

How to Work from the National Parks

With more and more of us working from home a question arises. Why not work on the road? Well in most cases you can work on the road or even from a National Park Campsite. There are 63 National Parks full of incredible treasures throughout the United States. The parks are amazing and the adventure to get to each park is half the fun. Let’s learn how to setup an Overland Office.

List of National Parks

The Common Issues With Working from a National Park & How Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will Solve Them.

Working from the road or inside a National Park is awesome but not always easy, good thing Expedition has experience in helping clients work from all kinds of incredible locations. Expedition’s goal is to make your adventures more enjoyable, less stressful and to help you travel with confidence. So lets discuss some common issues with working from the National Parks.

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Cell Phone Reception & Internet Access

Unless you mail in all your work you are going to need internet access wherever you travel and stay. This can be very difficult to guarantee 100% coverage wherever you go but Expedition does have solutions to greatly increase your odds. We have electrical solutions that will greatly increase your cell phones reception in remote areas helping create a stronger internet access both on the road and at the camp site. These systems can be very effective for  reaching far away cell towers that cell phone antennas can not reach on their own. Hotspot internet off your cellphone then poof you can be on a Zoom meeting in Zion National Park. 

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How to Power Your Computer?

We have internet sorted out but how will we power the computers? Expedition has solutions for that too. Expedition will install an Off the Grid Power System into your vehicle to power your laptop, monitors and most anything else you could need. From solar power to heavy duty battery systems we have experience building overland power solutions. We handle these systems on a case by case basis, custom building each package to the exact power output needed by each client. We will create a scaleable system that that can change if your needs change. 

List of National Parks with Public WiFi Access

How to Setup Your Overland Office in a National Park

Once you’ve found your campsite it becomes time to setup your office. When setting up a Overland Office remember practice makes perfect. Fortunately you can practice your setup in your driveway, yard or even the parking lot to your apartment building. We can’t stress enough take your time dialing in your setup, preparing properly before you leave on your trip will definitely save you lots of head ache on the trail and in the campsite. Items not to skimp on are a good quality camp chair, camp table, quality camp awning, etc. When building a rig Expedition can outfit your vehicle with everything you need. 

If you can work from home most likely you can work from a National Park. Let’s build you and adventure vehicle to make it happen.