Is a Roof Top Tent right for you?

Is a Roof Top Tent right for you?

Considering the purchase a Roof Top Tent for your vehicle? Let's go over the basics to see how Expedition Vehicle Outfitters makes choosing the right tent for your needs very simple. Purchasing a Roof Top Tent can be a large investment and a little nerve racking if you are making the purchase solely based on pictures on a website or a youtube video by a stranger. We will explain some of the features that make for a great Roof Top Tent and a great experience. Located in Michigan? We offer tent demos by appointment, climb in the tent you are considering and see how it can fit your needs and family.

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Setup and Take Down Time

Setting up camp in the rain or cold isn't that much fun... One of the first things we like to consider when considering a Roof Top Tent is speed of setup and take down. When we look at tents we always stress that setup and takedown should be very simple and as fast as possible. When looking at a tent consider how quickly you could set it up and take in down in a rain storm.(it seems to be a common occurrence on our trips LOL)

Tent Wall Construction

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is based in Michigan, we love camping in the fall and winter months. In the northern United States the temps can dip down low during the fall and the spring not just winter. Summer lasts 3 months, doesn't it seem like a better investment to purchase a tent that you can use comfortably 12 months out of the year? That is where insulated tents come in. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters carries a full line of insulated tents which make cold weather much more comfortable.

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What Size Roof Top Tent is Best?

Just like there are different sized vehicles there are different sized tents to fit most sized people. A good rule of thumb is most average sized clam shell style tents are designed for 2 1/2 people. One half? That means two 6 ft. adults and one child. So if you are looking at an "average" sized tent keep that in mind. Are you over 6ft? There are tent options for you but this is important to inform your consultant so we can source the perfect sized tent for you. There are tents that will hold even upwards of 4 adults! So keep in mind the more information you can tell us about the size and quantity of people you'd like to sleep in your tent the easier it will be to find the perfect fit.

How do I put the Roof Top Tent on my vehicle?

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters provides FREE INSTALLATION of every tent bought through us. We also mark mounts to make it easy to remove and reinstall later if you ever have to, no worries about adjustments. Pick Up trucks will need a bed rack or load bars for the bed which we also sell and install. SUVs and Cars will require a rack system or load bars to mount a tent. A good quality rack system or load bars will safely spread the weight of the tent and it's occupants out across the roof structure. There are tons of great options, your consultant will help you decide on what system best serves your needs for the long run. Some things to keep in mind. What else will you like to haul on your trips?  Kayaks, mountain bikes, fly fishing rods, and much more can all be mounted to your rack system. We will be asking you all about your trips and hobbies to help decide on the best fit.

For Help or Purchasing

Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 989-593-2533 We look forward to helping you create memories. 

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