Michigan Overland Winter Trip with New Holland Overland

Michigan Overland Winter Trip with New Holland Overland

This article was written by Justin & Michelle from @misplaced_overland. They drive a well equipped for overlanding Toyota Tundra. Be sure to check them out on Instagram and YouTube. 

We began following Jeremy over at New Holland Overland about a year ago after discovering some of his great products online. As it turns out he also plans weekend overland trips in the Michigan forests testing and developing the products he sells and builds as well as creating relationships with fellow overlanders. The latest trip was a winter trip at the end of January where the group would meet at a designated location on Friday and spend the weekend in the woods adventuring. Winter camping was defiantly something we were unsure of, I mean I havent done that since I was a kid in scouts. But with summer seeming to always be too short extending our camping season into fall and then winter seemed like a logical solution.

We started our journey from our home in northern Indiana to Lake County Michigan in search of the pre-designated meeting spot in the Huron-Manistee National Forest. We were the last to arrive at camp, after setting up our roof top tent we grabbed a beverage and our camp chairs and greated everyone around a nice warm fire.

Michigan winter overland


Saturday morning brought an incredible sunrise, a view we enjoyed while I prepared coffee and breakfast.

Michigan winter overland

By 10:00 am the group lined up for a group photo ready for the what the day would bring. The weather was great with temps in the high 20’s with some sun peaking through on occasion as we hit the trail traveling north towards Mesick,MI. 

Michigan winter overland

The route was a combination of snow covered forest roads, gravel roads and a bit of pavement that included an afternoon gas stop. The route was scenic offering only mild difficulty in a few areas. After about six hours and 70 miles we arrived at our second camping location, a beautiful spot along the Manistee River. As everyone nestled into their spot for the evening the sight of the river cutting thru the snow covered forest was beyond breathtaking and exceeded my expectations for night two.

Michigan winter overland

As the sun began to set you could see the steam rise into the air from each rig as dinner was being prepared and a bit of laughter could be heard as everyone discussed the days adventure. Later the campfire created a sense of community and warmth as we gathered for fellowship once again telling stories about past experiences and future plans late into the evening.

Sunday morning brought a light snow fall that just covered the windshields of each rig. I prepared breakfast all the while enjoying the view of the river flowing past camp.

Michigan winter overlanding


As we begain to pack up, we made our way around to each rig exchanging contact information and a few last miniute photos before making our way out of the woods for our journey home. During the drive home we couldn’t help but talk about how we enjoyed this trip and how the cold and snow brought challanges that were overshadowed by the joy we found in just being out in nature. Stepping out and experiencing new things is all part of the adventure and this is one adventure we won’t soon forget.  If you would like to attend a weekend trip with New Holland Overland be sure to check out their website and social media outlets. Until next time choose adventure.

Written By: Justin Sturgill 


@misplaced_overland Instagram

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