Where to find an Overland Shop Near Me

Where to find an Overland Shop Near Me

If you are located in Michigan or the Mid-West you are in luck Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is a full service overland specialty shop located in Michigan. We specialize in Toyota & Jeep Off Road and Overland Upgrades. 

Where to find an overland shop near me

What if you are too far away from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters

We have plenty of clients from every part of Michigan and even out of state but we understand not everyone can travel multiple states to get to us. We can arrange transport of vehicles from other parts of the country to and from our shop. If this isn’t an option for you we put together some pointers when choosing a shop to work on your vehicle.

Overland shop near me

-Ask a lot of questions

Communication is key in any relationship, trusting a business to build you a vehicle to travel the country in takes communication. Feel them out, ask about past jobs and make sure that you feel comfortable with the work you are expecting done. At Expedition we always treat this as a two way street, during a consultation we make sure we are right for you and your build is right for us. Look for honesty and communication, there are a lot of great people out there it just takes some time to find them.

-Look at past work

Do some research, check out their social channels and website to see some past work they performed. Look for use of quality components and thorough completions of past builds. You will quickly get a feel for their style of work. 

Overland shop near me

-Ask How Many Years the Shop has Been in Business?

This can be very important when choosing to spend a lot of money upgrading your vehicle. You want to use an established and experienced company. If for some reason there is a warranty issue down the road you want to make sure that company will still be in business to handle your issues. 

Remember in most cases you will be putting money down with the shop to order parts for your build, you are trusting that the shop is using those funds to order your parts. Look for long term established businesses that you can trust to be there tomorrow.

Expedition’s Parent Company is a family business which has been established and open for over 20 years. We have proven that we are here for the long haul and will be here for you today and tomorrow. 

 -Ask about Certifications & Credentials

Expedition’s Parent Company is a fully Licensed, Certified, and Insured Auto Repair Facility. If you are paying for services make sure that the business providing the services is Certified and Licensed to provide those services. Ask about warranties before the service is provided. 

-Communication is Key

Never assume anything, ask ask ask. Always make sure to communicate your needs and expectations. Be sure to communicate all of this before your services are provided. This allows both you and the shop you choose to have expectations for the work you need completed. Just like daily life, most problems that occur are based on bad communication.  

Thank You for reading and we hope that these pointers help you choose the best Overland Shop for your needs.