Should You Have The Dealer Mod Your Ford Bronco?


Ford bronco lift kit

Let’s get ready to ruffle some feathers.. We receive this question daily. “Why make the trip to Expedition Vehicle Outfitters over having the Dealership do my mods?” This is one that we can dissect in order for you to see what makes the most sense for your needs. Our first response to that important question is always going to be, we feel it is best to choose our services because of our experience. Whenever our clients are considering Ford Bronco upgrades, what to modify first, what routes to choose etc. We always stress asking questions and LOTS of them. Knowledge is power and the fastest way to gather knowledge from people with experience. Our entire Team, office staff who greets you to the technicians in the back of the shop creating incredible off road vehicles has experience off roading Broncos and all kinds of other vehicle platforms throughout the US. From crawling the red rocks of Utah, climbing the mountains of Colorado, exploring the coasts of Drummond Island to mobbing through the sand dunes and everywhere in between. For over 27 years our passion has been adventure. We are not sharing this information to boast, this information is for you to leverage. Rely on our off road and overland experience to create a much better experience for you and your Bronco. Can the dealership say that or do they just want to sell you something out of their narrow parts catalog?

Ford Bronco lift kit upgrade


The Team at Expedition Vehicle Outfitters has been relied on heavily by leaders in the aftermarket and off road industry to consult and test new Bronco upgrades. From building up Ford donated Broncos for heavy off road use to conquering trails nationwide to validate Bronco upgrades, our Team does the leg work so you don’t have to. We all find it incredibly fun and exciting by bringing all of our past experiences from many other off road platforms to the Ford Bronco. We can agree that it isn’t perfect, but with the right upgrades that we have tested and proven the Ford Bronco can become a real trail contender and much more reliable off road. Can your dealership say that? 

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We’ll share a couple quick stories. After working behind the scenes on Bronco upgrades for client vehicles our production Bronco was finally ready. We went down to the dealer to pick up our shops Brand New Bronco, the salesman who seemed like a genuinely good guy tried upselling us some mods a lift kit etc. Now I’m not trying to belittle anyone like mentioned the guy was genuinely nice. Jokingly I said, “yeah lets toss a set of adjustable coilovers on and a Dana 60 in the back.” Knowing that those upgrades would be performed once we got back to the shop that week. The salesman looked at me with a blank stare, “what does that mean?” Now even a very novice in off road space should know what an adjustable coilover shock is.. even if they don’t that isn’t a huge deal. But for a dealer trying to sell a client “upgrades and modifications” for their Bronco that is very disheartening. That results in unmet vehicle goals and our shop redoing modifications, which is fine but not always in the clients best interest. 

 Ford Bronco upgrade

If you search social media and forums you will find it littered with comments the same as above, from not knowing how to install the Ford Factory Beadlocks to the dealer not knowing how to perform a Bronco ring and pinion upgrade. Dealers are great at some services but many specialty modifications and off road buildups they will fall short due to lack of experience. 


There are some great and innovaFord Bronco Upgrades, Modifications, Lift Kits, Armor, Bumpers etc. Many not made or sold by Ford. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters works with many leading aftermarket manufacturers while most dealerships only offer Ford parts. Our array is very large allowing us to curate the exact upgrades that will meet your needs best, not just what the Ford parts department can get.

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Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is a family owned and operated off road and overland specialty shop in Michigan. Our passion is helping our clients create incredible memories and awesome experience both on and off road. We assist clients from all over the United States to meet their goals off road. If you are not 100% confident in the proposed modifications your dealer is offering or feel that you are being talked down to give our Team a shot.