Star Gazing in Michigan Tips & Tricks

At the time of writing this Michigan is under peak star gazing conditions, lets go over some tips and tricks to take advantage of the great conditions. First of all on Dec. 21st Jupiter & Saturn will appear closer together than they have in almost 800 years creating what some will consider the North Star, just in time for Christmas. Many people have already been getting great sites of the two from dusk until further into the night. 

Tips & Tricks

Star gazing in Michigan

To get the best views and cleanest photos of stars it is critical to get away from light pollution ie: cities, large buildings, large light sources. One of the easiest ways to get away from light pollution is to escape to the wilderness and back country. Make a plan, jump in your adventure rig and get away to where few people and light pollution are. Look for a meadow or open area away from the trees to set up a chair or blanket on the ground.

Dress warm, the winter months can be brutal at some points. You will most likely be stationary so this is the time for heavy warm boots, thick parkas, and big mittens. Thick sleeping bags can double as a blanket. Don’t forget the coffee and hot cocoa.

Star gazing in michigan

To be able to watch stars and meteors all night is a great experience but sometimes driving back home in the we hours of the night is not. Pop open the Roof Top Tent and spend the night. There is something magical about being away out in the wilderness under the stars. 

Things to Bring

-Comfy Camp Chair




-Thermos of hot drink

-Warm Clothes

-Campfire provisions

-Camera & Tripod

Set your alarm for 5:00AM to get up early and enjoy watching the stars lead into an amazing sunrise. The morning hours of crisp cold air make for incredibly clear views. Don’t forget the coffee.

Camp coffee michigan

Take a morning hike or put down your Roof Top Tent and head back to the hustle & bustle or daily life. Know that Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is here for all your vehicle and overland needs.


Some great star resources can be found below.