What is a CMC/BMC on a Toyota Truck?

As you do research for modifications to your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner it is no doubt you will run across the acronym CMC or Cab Mount Chop. But what does that really mean?

CMC cab mount chop

Factory cab mount

To clear a larger off road tire on a Tacoma or 4Runner it is common to perform a CMC/Cab Mount Chop modification. When turning with larger than 31” tires on a Tacoma or 4Runner it is very common to experience tire rub in the inner fender and cab mount in the rear of the front fenders, even when lifted. What Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will do is trim the inner fender liners to clear the tires then modify the vehicle’s cab mount. There are two common options.

CMC cab mount chop

After Cab Mount Chop

The first option is a standard Cab Mount Chop, during this modification we cut off a portion of the cab mount. After the portion of the cab mount is cut off we check tire clearance to confirm we have removed enough material. Next we clean the area and prepare for welding. Then a plate of steel is welded into place to cover the area of the mount which has been removed. Once the welding is finished the area is painted and once again tire clearance is checked.

Cab mount relocation Tacoma

After Cab Mount Relocation

The second option is a Cab Mount Relocation. This option is much more labor intensive but will result in much more tire clearance. During this option we completely remove the factory cab mount then replace the mount entirely with a low profile aftermarket option. Once the mount has been replaced the entire area is repainted.

Both these options result in a great finished product that increases tire clearance in the front of a Tacoma or 4Runner. If you are experiencing tire rub in the front of your truck, we have a solution. When you are ready to modify your Toyota Tacoma or 4Runner call or email Expediton Vehicle Outfitters to get the process started.