What is the best Tacoma rear suspension?

What is the best Tacoma rear suspension?

Well that is a loaded question isn’t it? Let’s jump into understanding a little more about the leaf spring suspension in the rear of a Toyota Tacoma, and the modifications available.

The rear suspension of the Tacoma definitely comes to life after a quality modification. Something we will address in a later blog post is shock choice, just know quality shock choice is just as important as deciding on which leaf spring modification is best for your use. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is here to answer questions before we start your build.

Why are we modifying the rear leaf springs on the Tacoma?

The main reasons we are making modifications to the rear suspension of the Tacoma is to make clearance for larger tire size, haul added weight from racks and bumpers etc., increase suspension travel and ride quality.

First lets start out with the option of a larger lift block. This is the cheapest option but will net the least results also. By simply adding a larger lift block between the leaf spring and the axle the rear suspension of the Tacoma will raise. This creates added clearance for larger tires. Under heavy load the rear axle can experience axle wrap. By utilizing the rear leaf springs in stock form you can expect a ride very similar to stock conditions.

Tacoma lift blocks

The second option is an add-a-leaf or mini-leaf pack, these are two different modifications but they are grouped together because the installation is very similar. In the case of an add-a-leaf, the rear leaf spring pack is disassemble and a stiffer rate larger radius bend leaf spring is installed in the center of the leaf pack. This will raise the rear suspension and assist in carrying a little more weight.

Toyota Tacoma add-a-leaf

Next a mini-leaf pack is very similar to the idea of an add-a-leaf. During the installation of a mini-leaf pack the rear leaf springs are disassembled then a 2-3 leaf “mini pack” is installed underneath the factory leaf spring pack. This raised the rear suspension, hauls more weight and can result in not as harsh of a ride as an add-a-leaf in most cases.

Toyota Tacoma mini-leaf pack

Lastly is a full custom rear leaf spring pack. By going to a custom leaf spring pack we have control over deciding on lift height, weight capacity etc. This gives us the ability to create the perfect rear suspension for the trucks use. Many times the custom leaf pack will utilize a larger amount of thinner leafs than the stock leaf pack. This results in a better ride quality.

Toyota Tacoma Rear Leaf Spring

Still not sure? No big deal, call us at Expedition Vehicle Outfitters and we will help you through the process of building the best Toyota Tacoma package for your needs.

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