Where to Get a Lift Kit Installed

Where to Get a Lift Kit Installed?

Where to get a lift kit installed near me

More than likely if you are an avid adventurer, outdoorsman, off roader, or just want your truck to look more aggressive you’ve asked yourself this one question. Where can I get a lift kit installed near me? Well look no further Expedition Vehicle Outfitters is your source for lift kits, suspension mods, and installation all at one stop. 

There is no one size fits all lift kit or suspension mod at Expedition Vehicle Outfitters, we provide a consultation during which time we discuss your needs and expectations then we curate the suspension system best for your vehicle uses. This is a large modification so we want to make positive that your vehicle will be perfect for your adventures. 

 Where can I get a Lift Kit Installed in Michigan?

Where to get a lift kit installed in Michigan


Luckily if you are from Michigan or the surrounding states of Ohio, Indiana or Illinois, Expedition will sell and install your lift kit. Our factory trained staff of Certified Auto Technicians will handle your lift kit installation and alignment. Expedition provides off road vehicle alignment services because we know modified suspensions require special adjustments and specifications. So if you have ever said where is an overland shop near me? Look no further.

Where to Install a Toyota Lift Kit in Michigan

Where to install a Toyota lift kit in Michigan

Expedition has years of experience installing and adjusting lift kits and suspension systems in Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, Lexus GX, Land Cruiser, and many more platforms. We specialize in curating the perfect system for an overland or off road performance. From coilover shock adjustments to reservoir shock pressure checks, our experienced Technicians will handle your build with care and passion. The Toyota platform is very good but Expedition can make it great. 

Where to get a Jeep Lift Kit Installed in Michigan

Where to get a jeep lift kit installed

One of the best modifications you can do is a Jeep Lift Kit to provide room for larger off road tires. Expedition has years of experience installing and adjusting Jeep lift kits. Jeeps require special experience to be adjusted properly. This isn’t taken lightly and Expedition routinely corrects poorly installed lift kits for customers. Expedition sells a large array of Jeep lift kits and will provide a free consultation to make positive you are receiving the right system for your needs. 

Do you have a lifted Jeep that needs attention? Expedition will get it driving great again, schedule a service today. 989-593-2533