7 Essential Mods for a Lexus GX

7 Essential Mods for a Lexus GX

Once thought of as a Luxury vehicle great for the executive traveling from the office to the country club, the Lexus GX platform has now become recognized as a great off road rig. The Lexus GX or Land Cruiser Prado as it is known in many parts of the world. The GX will provide similar interior space of the Toyota 4Runner (a bit narrower) with added luxury interior and the added punch of a larger power train. Let’s jump into some great modifications for the Lexus GX Overland Build that Expedition Vehicle Outfitters will perform for you.

Lexus GX Suspension System

Suspension Modification

Suspension modification on a Lexus GX Overland Build is the best way to get the power to the trail. To really see the potential of a GX we ditch the factory suspension components in favor of some great aftermarket performance solutions. Expedition will work with you to determine the best spring rates and shock options to control your GX properly on and off road. An added result of a quality aftermarket suspension will be increased tire clearance, increased ground clearance, increased suspension travel and a much more controlled ride quality on and off road. When performing these modifications special consideration must be taken for the long term use of the vehicle ie: will bumpers, storage or racks be added etc. With proper suspension modifications the GX really showcases it’s off road prowess. If you are ready for a Lexus GX lift kit give Expedition a call at 989-593-2533. 

Here is a link to explain how to choose the right coilover

GX bumper overland

Bumpers and Armor

Let’s face it, if you’re headed off road you should probably have some good recovery points and some vehicle protection. There is nothing worse than involuntarily removing a stock bumper cover on a trail. The stock GX bumper looks great aesthetically but offer very limited real protection. One of the most vulnerable areas in the front of a GX is the cooling system and a/c components. The radiator, condenser, hoses, fans, etc. are housed in the center of the front end and can become vulnerable to intrusion from branches and debris. A quality bumper will protect these areas nicely as well as add full frontal protection from a strike. Striking an animal or object can make for a really bad experience if in the outback or across the country, a bumper will definitely better your odds.

Remove the Running Boards

If your planning on off roaring the GX we suggest removing the factory running boards before they become hung and damaged on the trail. We always favor a nice set of rock sliders which work as both a step to access the roof and armor to protect the vehicles side. This will be much cheaper to remove before sustaining any damage to them or the vehicle. If you have plans of very minimal trail riding keep the running boards, but don’t say we didn’t warn ya.

Lexus GX switch system

Electrical Switch System

Alike it’s cousins the 4Runner & Tacoma a GX can definitely benefit from an upgraded electrical switch system to control the added lights and electrical components that we often add when building up a GX. We like to get ahead of an electrical problem before you have one. Expedition will work with you to devise a plan that takes into consideration electrical solutions what you plan to use the vehicle for, daily use, off grid camping, or off reading. We will build a scalable electrical system that will grow with the modifications done to the GX. 

Here is a link on Great Electrical Solutions for Overland Vehicles

Lexus gx BFG tires


We can’t forget a good set of tires. Even on a completely stock GX just upgrading the factory tires to a nice set of quality all terrains will make the GX much more off road capable. When choosing an off road tire there is much to be considered, brand, tread depth, tread design, rubber compounds, weight ratings, sizing, figment, etc. If this gets a little overwhelming feel free to reach out to us and we will offer assistance. 

 Lexus gx roof rack

Roof Rack

The factory luggage rack can be a bit limited. Adding a quality full length roof rack will really open up the options for storage and carrying capacity of a GX. A full length roof rack disperses the weight across the full roof channels of the GX. From Kayaks and Roof Top Tents to extra fuel and a set of skies the roof rack is ever handy. Another benefit of the large size is the availability to space heavy items in specific locations for a nicer driving experience. Lights can be added to a full roof rack as well, forward facing off road light bar, side mounted flood lights for around the campsite or a rear chase light for running dusty trails. Expedition carries a full line of quality racks and will assist in creating a long term plan to make your rack perfect for your needs. 

Lexus gx gear swap

Differential Gear Swap

Once we step up to a larger tire size in any vehicle it is always a good idea to install a matching gear ratio for optimum performance and to reduce stress on the other components in the driveline. One of the many benefits of installing a lower gear ratio to match larger tires the GX transmission is able to stay in overdrive more often on the highway. Another benefit of a lower gear ratio is quicker “off the line” acceleration. A differential gear swap is a larger job that Expedition is experienced in. 

Final Thoughts on the Lexus GX

The Lexus GX Series is a great platform to create a very capable and comfortable overland vehicle. Currently second hand Lexus GXs can be sourced quite reasonably creating a valuable option. When you are ready to take your GX to the next level be sure to reach out to us at Expedition at 989-593-2533 or feel free to contact email us through our contact form.