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In this feature we get to sit down one of the Midwest’s favorite Jeepers Becca Spalding. She wheels, she adventures, she makes rad logos, takes epic doggo pics and much much more. But lets jump in further to learn more about Becca and see what inspires her to travel around Michigan in her Jeep.

Michigan overland jeep

Expedition: What is your social media handles? Ie. Instagram, YouTube etc. where can people find you?

Becca: I am @yellerlife on all social media platforms, primarily focused on Instagram! @yellerfab is a secondary Instagram with a focus on my partner Nick and I’s fabrication projects. 
Expedition: Where is your favorite place you have traveled to so far?
Becca: Rausch Creek Off Road Park in Pennsylvania in October 2019. Coming from Michigan, we don’t see a lot of natural rock formations so it was AWESOME to experience and meet some out-of-state friends. 
Michigan overland jeep
Expedition: What kind of vehicle do you have currently?
Becca:My 2015 yellow JKU is my primarily wheeling vehicle, but Nick and I also own a 1987 MJ, 2002 TJ, and a custom LJ project that we call the “race Jeep”. We also built a stretched LJ for a family member and take it for occasional test rides.
Expedition: What is your dream rig?
Becca: Nick and I actually have the start of our dream rig. Its a work in progress. It’s a homemade LJ tub with spidertrax axles, a 6.2L LS3, and big list of other exciting features. There is a lot of work to go before it is done, and since we do all our own work, it is taking a bit longer than we had hoped to get done. But she will get there eventually, and I can’t wait!! 
Michigan overland jeep
Expedition: What is your favorite fireside meal?
Becca: It’s only a side dish, but my redskin potatoes in a foil bag with Lipton onion soup mix is my favorite thing to cook in the fire.
Expedition: Anything is a meal if you eat enough of it.
Michigan overland jeep
Expedition: What is your next trip?
Becca: Well, Nick and I were supposed to go to EJS in Moab, Utah last year, but then 2020 happened.... so we’re hoping to make it there this year!
We can’t thank Becca enough for sitting down with us and sharing some of the adventures she goes on and what their future trips look like. We’ve known Becca and Nick for a while now and they both are always very positive and love to show what is out there to explore around Michigan and the US. Make sure to follow Becca and Nick along their awesome trips on Social Media. Link Below.
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Michigan overland jeep