This is How to Get Started Vehicle Adventuring in Michigan

This is How to Get Started Vehicle Adventuring in Michigan

Michigan has many of the most incredible places in America to explore, especially with a well equipped vehicle. But how do we get started exploring and vehicle adventuring in Michigan? Let’s dive into just that.

This is how to get started vehicle adventuring in michigan

Create Your Experience Goals

Just like any facet of life, goals create results. Be honest with yourself and write down your experience goals, maybe you want to work online from your campsite, maybe you want to reach a beach that no one else can get to, maybe you want to see a waterfall that most will never see, all of these goals are attainable you just need to create an experience goal. FYI being able to explore places that most others can’t get to is an incredible feeling of freedom. 




Take Your Loved Ones Along for the Adventure 

Whether it be your loyal four legged companion, spouse, children, grand children, or good friend sometimes it is fun to have someone to share the adventure with. Plan out your experience together. 

How to get started vehicle adventuring in Michigan  

Vehicle Adventuring in Michigan has incredible results.

Vehicle adventuring in Michigan starts with having a reliable vehicle that you can rely on to get you into the back country and back home safely. How do you know if your vehicle is up to the challenge though?

Expedition Vehicle Outfitters based in Michigan specializes in creation of vehicles that allow you to explore further and experience amazing places throughout Michigan and across America. We will take your ordinary vehicle and create a vehicle that is much more off road capable, reliable and help you make great memories.

 How to get started vehicle adventuring in Michigan

Start with a Solid Foundation

Expedition’s first task will be making positive your vehicle is suitable for off road travel, our Technicians will inspect your drivetrain, suspension, electrical system and tires. We want to stop a problem before it could arise. 



Next we Discuss Upgrades to Make Your Vehicle More Capable and Reliable

 Now is time for us to discuss your experience goals and how to make them a reality. You might be surprised that your vehicle may need less upgrades then you think to get started exploring confidently. We discuss your goals, expectations, budgets and time frame. Then together we create a solution on how to provide you a great adventure vehicle. 

How to get started vehicle adventuring in Michigan

Each Upgrade and Vehicle Build Revolves Around Your Experience Goals and Your Personal Needs.

A large tired, armor clad vehicle is great for adventuring but if it won’t fit into your garage or is miserable to drive you won’t love it in the long run. Let’s take your vehicle that you already love and make it more capable. We keep in mind all the important things like daily drivability and size requirements in city settings. We perform suspension modifications, install bumpers, winch installation, LED off road lights, electrical upgrades, racks, and storage solutions. 

How to get started vehicle adventuring in michigan

 Start Adventuring with Small Day Trips

A great way to get your feet wet in vehicle exploration is taking day trips. These are great ways to test your vehicle, gear setup, and planning skills without being heavily invested. Grab your favorite book, a comfortable camp chair, or even a hammock then set off in the morning to spend the day on the beach or next to a small river. Experience the solitude of nature all by yourself, this can be a great way to reset yourself every weekend. Just experiencing a couple hours of nature can be all you need to change your outlook on life sometimes. We live a stressful life, invest in yourself. 



How to get started vehicle adventuring in Michigan

Once You’ve Mastered Small Day Trips, Advance to Overnight Overland Trips

Just as a toddler crawls before it learns to walk, allow yourself time to enjoy the process of learning what you and your vehicle can achieve together. Overnight trips can be a great way to relax as there is no rush to get back home, you can experience the incredible Michigan starry nights. If you’ve never experienced a cloud free starry night in Michigan’s north country you can’t help but be moved, the stars feel so close you can touch them and photos can never do it justice.

Now is Time to Discuss Sleeping and Storage Solutions 

Expedition has a large selection of both roof top tents and vehicle storage solutions. Make a list of everything you would require for over night trips and we will help organize and store the items in your vehicle. Don’t forget to add in medical devices like sleep apnea machines, we have solutions to power those as well. 

How to get started vehicle adventuring in michigan

Lets Talk About Off The Grid Power Solutions 

Not everyone wants to live like a mountain man in the woods, we get that. Whether it be solar electrical systems or multi-battery complex vehicle electrical systems we will want to outfit your vehicle with a solution for sustainable electricity in the back country. A huge bonus with these systems is in the event of an emergency you can use your vehicle to power your electrical devices you need for days or weeks. We take your power needs into consideration then curate a solution that will meet your needs for long term. 


Now is the time to get out of the house and explore! Creating memories doesn’t have to be work when you are properly prepared. Let us know how we can make your Experience Goals a Reality.  

How to get started vehicle adventuring in Michigan